Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A couple months back the boys and I went to the sound waves recording studio in Union, New Jersey, and recorded some songs for this music website called fuzztopia. check em outttttt

WYLDLIFE "Zombies are Taking Over New York" from Fuzztopia on Vimeo.

WYLDLIFE "(I Ain't Got) Guardian Angels" from Fuzztopia on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So,due to my, and my roommates laziness we don't have wireless, so my time at a computer is slim to none. Luckily there's a starbucks a couple blocks away I can go to that has wi-fi.
hmm so what have I been doing...
-I got a job at GNC. Thats right, the store that sells vitamins,diet pills, and protein shakes. How ironic.
-Talking with the sweet folks at Merrifield records, Wyldlife is now on the roster! We're working on releasing our EP soon!
-Checkin out some really cool gallery openings in Chelsea. Actually, now that I think about it, alot of them have been pretty disappointing. New York City is the center of the art world, and alot of the shows in the galleries here suck! I think its time for me to take over.
-Getting ready for the Wyldlife show on June 26th at lit lounge. If you're in the city come check it out we go on at 10pm. Its 6 bucks. and its 21 plus.... Lit lounge is located on second ave between 6th and 7th streets.
-I made a giant to do list of things for me to get done/accomplish this summer. I walked the Brooklyn Bridge last week, and I'm gonna hit up Coney Island tomorrow!
-I've been drawing all the different animals in the Museum of Natural History. I want to try to fill a whole sketch book of them by the end of the summer.
-Getting played on 101.9 RXP, New York's Rock Experience. For the past couple weeks our friend Rich Russo at the station has been playing songs off our new EP, on his show Anything Anything. Check it out on Sunday nights!

I gotta go the employees at Starbucks are gonna start kicking me out soon. ha

I heard this song at a bar the other night, and remembered how good it is...

love ya,