Thursday, September 2, 2010

More epic end of the summer adventures!

So I played a show in Brooklyn, at the very hip Monster Island basement. We played pretty well, and after the set we immediately hit the road for Iowa.

Into the trunk you go Feldman!

We ate at Culver's, because we couldn't find a Sonic anywhere. I guess we just had to find out what the hell a turtle concrete is, and I'm still not entirely sure...

Dave really needed to clip his toenails...

We drove straight through to Iowa, no stopping. I still can't believe we did that haha.

After 19 or 20 hours of driving, we landed at the doorstep of our friend Dora. We dropped our bags and took this funny hat photo.

Then we proceeded to the Iowa state fair, where you can buy weird stuff like tiger heads, and....

I wish that was a joke.

Petting zoo!

Dora and Sam rode the romantic gondola ride, which left David and I together...

This poor fella was all alone.

We rode the olde mill ride, which is nothing more than a dark tunnel filled with water...

After a few turkey legs, fried pickles, and a fried milky-way bar later, we hit the bar with some locals.

This man almost ran us over with his truck..

He clearly had a few loose screws. You should click on this photo, and see how crazy this man's face is, chills me to the bone...

We did some grilling, which was great, but let me tell ya about those pesky Iowa mosquitos!

Then we broke out the fireworks!

Dora's Dad owns a sailboat, and he took us out sailing.


99% of Iowa is cornfields.

Dave and I slept in Dora's little sister's room. There were a lot of creepy dolls staring at us while we slept.

Man, I love cats.

We departed Des Moines and headed for Iowa city.

We spent the night at Dora's friends John and Andrea's apartment, who were extremely hospitable. Feldman and I walked the streets exploring the college town of Iowa city.
The next day we visited our friend Mayim, who is one of the coolest people I know!

We finally said our goodbyes and set on the 20 hour drive home...

We stopped by the world's largest truck stop!

You can buy all kinds of cool knives and daggers there!

The drive back to New York was pretty smooth, other than the fact that we got pulled over twice for speeding. The cops the first time were pretty cool, I think they thought we were smuggling drugs into New York, which is clearly not the case, but they joked around alot, calling us the Jonas brothers, and asking why we wear such tight pants.
The second cop was not so kind and gave Dave a speeding ticket with a fine of $125!

Luckily we made it back safely, and just in time for our show at the bowery electric, which was put on by our pal Rich Russo from 101.9 rxp. The show was sold out and we opened for the band Steel Train! I even saw Steven Van Zandt's name on the guest list, which completely blows my mind, I'm not sure if he was there, but just the idea of him watching us play blows my mind! Ahhhh!

So summers over and I'm back at Purchase, beginning my senior year! Looking back on this summer I'm quite proud of myself. It was really tough and stressful finding an apartment, a job, and supporting myself but I did it, and it was totally worth it. I'm really lucky to have been able to share it with such a great group of friends, you know who you are, and I love you all.

until next time,