Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No sleep till... Cinco de Mayo!

At the moment I'm on spring break. While most college students are getting wasted in some sunny paradise, I'm still at school working tirelessly on my senior project. No work, no classes, no homework, I finally have a chance to put all my focus into this.

What is my senior project you may be asking? I'm making 2foot by 4foot woodcut portraits of all my heroes. Heres a sneak peek at some of the woodblocks I've been working on:

Beginning May 5th I'll be showing these works in the SUNY Purchase stood art gallery. Its going to be a night full of rock n' roll. Great art, free food, and I've got some great bands providing live entertainment all night long. Its going to be the cinco de mayo party of the century as far as I'm concerned. I'll give away more info about this as it develops, but for now... MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!! Speaking of calendars...Isn't the world supposed to be ending soon according to that damn Mayan calendar? You gotta live it up while you still can my friends!!!

In Wyldlife news... WE WON THE GOLDENFORK AWARD FOR BEST EMERGING ARTIST OF 2010!!! Thanks to all our fans who voted for us. The only reason this happened is because of you, and it means the world to me that you took some time out of your day to show us some love!
Check out the appetizer blog to read more about the Golden Fork awards, and hear some other cool new artists:
Golden Fork Awards

We played a benefit show the other night at this place called Barrow Mansion in Jersey City, New Jersey. It was pretty weird playing in an ancient mansion, they even had a two lane bowling alley in the basement! It was just like the last scene inThere will be blood:
This isn't it, but I thought it was pretty funny

We went off! and so did the crowd which always makes for a great show and a great time!
(Photos by Mike McNamara)
Our buddy Jim Testa wrote a nice little article about the event:

Keep on winning,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Strokes

So the Strokes are back together with their new album "Angles" coming out March 22nd.
Alot of people seem to be up in arms about this album, saying they're back together for all the wrong reasons. But its good to seem them again, it takes me back to seventh grade, I remember my first band jamming "Last Night" in my friend Kyle's basement. Love them or hate them here's the new single "Under Cover of Darkness."