Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Adventures Part 1

Hmmm, so what have I been up since my last post? I've been quite busy trying to make the most of this summer, and one of the things on my list was to visit Roosevelt Island. Every time I'm bored on the train I scan the subway map, tracing all the colored lines uptown and downtown, and I've often wondered what happens on mysterious Roosevelt Island, the long thin strip of land sandwiched between Manhattan and Queens. Well, there was only one way to find out so Manuel and I hopped on the F train to pay it a visit.

Upon arrival, we quickly realized the island was quietly deserted, and the few inhabitants rode around on motorized scooters. It was very bizarre, it felt like we were stuck in a video game.

The view looking back at Manhattan was breathtaking.

A lighthouse!

We stumbled upon "the Octagon" which is an insane asylum, making the island even creepier.
So what happens on Roosevelt Island? Not a whole lot!

My boys Ephraim, Alex, Manuel and I have been working on a mural, that will be hung in the SUNY Purchase Hub.The four us have all been influenced by the art in comic books so we thought we'd make a mural paying homage to our roots. The divided the panel into four "cells" and each did whatever we wanted. Heres a sneak peak at mine:

Stop by the Hub and check it out! And while your there grab a great tasting burger from Coyote Jack's!

I also had to check "visting the Bronx Zoo" off my list!

I think the peacocks were one of my favorite parts. Have you ever heard the sound they make? It sounds like a dying cat.


Giraffes are the strangest creatures.

I think I was just as much interested in the people at the zoo, as I was in the animals.

My computer (I mean Manuel's computer) is dying so I've got to cut this short unfortunately. I'm headed on a road trip to Iowa this weekend, so I'm sure there will be more for me to write about!