Sunday, July 15, 2012

Since I last updated this blog we were in route to Baltimore. We had our tires replaced by the kind gents over at Pep Boys and we were on our way again. We spent our 4th of July eating crabs and shooting off bottle rockets and pellet guns at our buddy Alex's Uncle's house. We were definitely a bunch of tattooed oddities but the family was really sweet and welcoming. Uncle Tom had his IPod blasting lots of limp Bizkit and Korn which I haven't heard since the sixth grade. We played a free show later that night at the Ottobar with our friends Thee Lexington Arrows. It was a really nice venue and it sounded good. It was a free show but still managed to bring in 100+ bucks from the bar and merch.
The next morning we were on the road back to New York to play the CBGB fest at Fontana's in Chinatown. I wasn't sure what to expect with the festival. It seems like there are a million different festivals from Bonnaroo to CMJ, and I wasn't sure if CBGB's would be just another fest trying to cash in on the historic venues name. But at the same time CBGB's is the birthplace of punk. Its where it all began and to be associated with it in some small way was an honor. The venue was packed and the crowd loved us, so it was a success. I wish I could have stuck around and seen some of the other bands play the fest, I would have loved to see agnostic front, but we had a show in Virginia to get to. The ride to Virginia wasn't that interesting. It was hot as balls and we were out in the country for the majority of the ride. We we're scheduled to play the Belmont house of smoke which was very hospitable, they filled our entire table with ribs, and all kinds of fried foods, it was amazing. The people there were so nice and we made over a hundred bucks between the door and merch. Also on the bill were the hissy fits an all girl band who sounded a lot like Hole. They said we could crash at their place after the show which we were grateful for. When we arrived at the casa de hissy fits we were ready to pass out, but these chicks wanted to party till 6 in the morning, so we probably finally hit the sack around 4 in the morning. At one point in the night I woke up fully clothed in the bathtub. I tripped over some shampoo bottles and confusedly stumbled back to the futon where I was intending to sleep. I'm nit sure how I got there and why I thought it would be a good idea to sleep in the tub. Alcohol can make you do weird things.Nobody slept that well at all, and we hightailed it out of there as fast as we could. I learned later that Dave had been so frustrated with all the commotion that he left and passed out under a tree near a surrounding elementary school.

I've been pretty backed up on updating this tour blog, we just left Chicago and we're on our way to Columbus right now. This will have to suffice for now, check back soon. I've got more stories for you!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tour so far!

Wyldlife has embarked on our Hot Nights/Cold Beers summer tour, and it's been interesting to say the least. We played at JR's in dirty south Philly with our buddies from Jersey City, Awkward Girls, and the show was a great way to kick it off. We got a pretty good turn out especially for a Monday night. Our mates from the High Five took us out to the Barbary afterwards and showed us a good time. I gotta say I don't think I've seen that good of a party on a Monday night, Philly sure knows how to get down. I'd like to thank Kelly,Rory, and Johnny for their awesome hospitality.
We left this morning en route to Baltimore and just as we pulled into Maryland state lines our back tire blew out. Shaken and stirred we pulled to the side and called AAA. Half an hour later a gentleman by the name of Larry Beers pulled up and gave us a hand putting on our spare. An hour later were on the road again, and a few miles down the highway the spare blows out. Now we're really freaked out. A couple hours later (thanks triple a) a tow truck arrives and loads up the big green driving machine. So now I'm sitting in the back of the tow truck typing this on my way to pep boys in Baltimore. We'll be playing the Ottobar tomorrow night! Happy 4th of July!