Saturday, August 22, 2009

salvation army gold!

I went to Sal's the other day and I struck gold. Found some sick shirts and books, but best of all, I found an autographed photo of David Copperfield, and a fabric painting of a white horse. My mom asked me why I dropped five bucks on a picture of David Copperfield, and I asked her "how could you not?"

For the past two months I've been slaving away in the produce department at Big Y supermarket. Luckily today was my last day and I can enjoy the rest of my summer, but they're having a poster contest for food safety, and I figure since I'm going to school to be a professional artist I have a pretty good chance of winning. The winner gets a $100 Big Y gift card! SICK BRO! The poster has to be about how sick employees cannot work with food, so heres what I've got so far: (I'm going to add some color next)

Speaking of contests I entered the free fridayz art contest of Fecal Face is by far the coolest art blog on the internet, and if you haven't checked it out do it!

Mine is #28

Lately I've been listening to Social D nonstop. Found this sick video on youtube.

Can't wait till October 17th when I'm seeing them in Atlantic city.


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