Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My name is called disturbance

Now through Sunday March 21st you can check out my latest show entitled "At night my enemies come out snarling like vicious dogs"in the Suny Purchase Visual Arts building room 1019. Its a collaborative work between Alex Derwick, Manuel Bova, Ephraim Hafftka, and I. The show is a pronunciation of fear and dismay, an exploration of the discomforting and disorderly.
Here's some photos of us working on it from beginning to end:

We each painted a life size self-portrait on cardboard. Thats ^ me!

Then we began the installation.

Cardboard city!

Alex D creepin!

Once most of the cardboard was in place we began painting it black!

Ephraim creepin!

Heres how the installation looks with the lights on:

But then we turned the lights off. Every viewer gets a flash light before they enter, and this is the only source of light in the entire room.

For the past couple days we've been working tirelessly, staying up into the wee hours of the morning. I've without a doubt screwed up my sleep patterns for the rest of the week! But I have to say the best part about staying up till 6 in the morning is that you get to witness the beautiful Purchase sunrise.

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Kellyann Petry said...

such a cool self portrait!

i was at the show earlier today, ITS UNREAL. great job as usual!