Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can't take it with you

I've been on winter break since God knows how long. Aside from a few excursions to New Jersey, and New York for some shows, I've been at home in Connecticut. I don't have a job or any responsibilities really, its pretty funny. I get to stay up till 4 in the morning and sleep till 1 in the afternoon. It seems like I'm living the ultimate bum life, but let it be known I have been anything but a bum. I've tried to take all this free time and use it for creative things. I should never be bored.

I had an old Fender precision bass sitting in my room that needed some love, so I gave it a makeover. I coated it with some Maui Blue auto body paint (just like Leo Fender used to do), and painted a heart on the back, and a sugar skull on the front.

Mom:"What are you drawing, some fruits and vegetables?"
Me:"Uh yeah, and some skulls."
18x24 Pastel on paper

My brother let me into his netflix account so I've been watching a ton of movies and I recently came across a show called "Thumbs Up" featuring the totally badass artist David Choe. On the show he and his nephew hitchhike across the country, bumming rides, and hopping onto freight trains. It reminds me alot of Jack Kerouac's On the Road (probably my favorite book.)
Check it out:

More importantly if you haven't heard of David Choe before, you gotta check him out. The guy paints on everything from canvas's, to walls. He just doesn't give a shit, and just needs to create. This is visual rock n roll.
Heres the trailer to a doc made about him called Dirty Hands:

Check out his website: David Choe

My brother just showed me this ridiculous music video:

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