Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Explosions in the Sky show!

I was back in New York City last night to check out Explosions in the Sky at the Central Park summerstage. I've missed all the sounds, the screeching of the subway cars, the aromas of food vendors on the corners, the mountainous skyline, the bloody rats strung out across the sidewalk...
As soon as I arrived in the city, it started getting windy, and looked like it was going to rain. I met up with some friends at the fountain in Central Park, and then headed over to the summerstage to wait in line. While waiting in line it started to downpour and in no time everybody was soaked. I wasn't prepared to let the sogginess ruin my experience so I pulled a garbage bag off the fence, poured out the garbage, and made myself a poncho. It smelled like orange juice, but it worked like a charm. When I got inside, there was a little delay, the sound guys were debating whether to hold back on the show, and the crowd erupted chanting "RAIN OR SHINE, RAIN OR SHINE!" The first band the Castenents finally went on, and their set wasn't that interesting. They did alot of looping, and playing around with effects pedals, and honestly it was boring. By the time the second band Constantines had set up the sun was back. They totally rocked it. One of the best rock bands I've seen in a while. They had some killer stomp groves where every member of the band was stomping their feet on the stage, as hard as they could. The singer had a real bluesy voice, and the guitar work was real 70's hard rock, but heavy at the same time. Picture a modern day Led Zeppelin playing "Black Dog."
Explosion's set was incredible. They sounded just like they do on the records. You could feel the bass and the kick drum in your chest, it was like thunder. The intro to "Birth and Death of the Day" sent chills down my spine. Musaf was having guitar troubles for a good amount a show, but besides that it was awesome, I highly recommend you see these guys if you ever get the chance.

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