Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The other day before I saw brand new in Brooklyn I was hanging out at my friend Dora's place in Manhattan. Now Dora lives on 14th street and 1st ave and we thought it would be fun to hang out on the rooftop of her apartment. The funny thing about being on 1st ave is that pretty much every time you look out the window you are guaranteed to see one of those red tour buses with people on the roof. So my friend Manuel and I thought it would be funny to scream at them from the roof. The rooftop was filled with old splintery chairs, and dead plants, and we used them as props to freak out the tourists. Each bus was unique and had its own personality. Some people would wave and snap photos of us, while other's jaws would drop and get really freaked out haha. Some were screaming back at us "Jump Jump!"Even people on the street started taking photos of us. We were like celebrities haha. Its pretty funny knowing that those tourists will forever remember us as the crazy roof kids on 14th street.
I've got a video to post when I can figure out how to do it, without it taking two hours (because I just don't have that kind of time.)

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