Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nikki McClure

Being home for winter break, I've been spending alot of time trying to tackle my boredom. Reading, listening to music,playing guitar and trying to find new inspiration for my work are the majority of what I've been doing.Surfing through the internet tonight I stumbled upon the art of Nikki McClure. Nikki is an artist based out of Olympia, WA, and creates beautifully intricate works on paper by cutting into them with an exacto knife. I really love the graphic quality of her work, the simple one or two color palette, along with the complexity of each line that flows gently to another.

See more of her stuff at:

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J Hitchings said...

spence! i JUST remembered i was at the whitney looking through books and i found an artist i thought you'd like, if you don't already know of him, idk how well known he is, name is Deth P. Sun