Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For all the haters...

The Deli magazine has ranked Wyldlife the 25th best Indie Rock band in New York City. Oh yeah and its out of 300.
check it out:

There was a crazy thunder storm up here a few weeks ago. Its was quite a challenge snapping this photo at just the right moment.I probably took 200 photos just to get this kinda good one ha.

Heres a poster I did in September for a show at the purchase stood. 2 color screenprint, editions of 35.

I never got a chance to blog about my tattoo. Adam over at Jersey City Tattoo co. did an amazing job. Being an artist myself, I had high expectations and he did everything I wanted and more. Its a real cool place, with really great artists. Its even owned by Jake Casualty from the punk band the Casualties!

up close look:

check out their website:

I swimming in work at the moment, trying to keep my head on straight and not get to stressed about it. Maybe you'll see some of this new work soon....


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