Monday, October 4, 2010

Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed, what a fun weekend

What a crazy weekend. I threw a party Friday night, which was off the wall...

There was a mosh pit in my living room!

A few weeks I got my first tattoo. Sorry mom, sorry dad.

photos by the lovely KellyAnn Petry.
Seriously, the most fun show we've ever played. I want to thank all those who came out, I love you all. Definitely not the last Wyldlife party this semester...

But the weekend was far from over...

Saturday night we played the 4th street festival in Jersey City, which was an abosolute blast.

One guy even wrote a nice review for us on his blog:
he took this video as well:

There is no better feeling for me than playing a good show. Nothing else compares. And its an even cooler feeling when other people appreciate what you do, and enjoy it just as much.
Thanks everyone for making this such an amazing weekend!


p.s. I'll be posting some new work shortly!


Kellyann Petry said...

no rough housing in the living room, boys

jess goodwin said...

What's your tat say??

Spencer Alexander said...

It says "don't take me for granted."