Friday, September 18, 2009

My eyes are Lungs, I'm a Prophet, and I speak in toungues

So I'm just sitting at my office worker job at the Purchase College Office of Admissions. They've been having me work at the reception desk, which is great because I can spend all day on facebook and surfing the net and stumbling upon new and interesting artists.
Nothing like finding new art.
I landed on the White Walls website which is a gallery in San Fransico that has really cool stuff. I found some photos from a show that Ian Johnson and Albert Reyes had, which seemed really amazing, wish I could have seen it in real life...

Albert Reyes does alot of his work on the covers of books, which I think is so damn cool.

And it doesn't get much cooler than Ian Johnson's portraits of jazz greats.

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Sarah said...

first of all the title is awesome. i love brand new! and i am obsessed with that last picture. wow. i wish i could draw.