Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some old work....

When the summer first began my friends from my old band Liberte asked me to make a design for their EP. So I whipped up this two color lino-cut for them. All EP's are numbered and hand pressed. To hear their music go to www.myspace.com/liberteloves
(Oh yeah and that ripping guitar that you hear on the record, thats me.)

I finally finished that poster for BigY supermarkets. Hopefully I'll win that gift card haha.

"I'm Brilliant" Intaglio on rives paper. A few days before I made this etching, I was attacked by a hawk. I was just hanging out in the grass with some friends when a hawk swooped down from a building and flew at me. Luckily I jumped out of the way and was not harmed. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. And I decided to make a print about it. True story I swear.

3 color screenprint I did on some old book pages about castles in France.

"Now I am a gentleman" Intaglio on rives paper.
This is one of my first experiments with the medium intaglio. Intaglio is a printmaking method where you engrave into a sheet of copper, etch it in acid, and make prints from it.

Last april I designed and screenprinted some shirts for my old band brick physics. Were not a band anymore and I don't know what to do with the shirts haha. I still have a ton left, and if anybody wants one let me know.
Thanks to Sam Allen for modeling, he plays guitar in Wyldlife, and he likes to wear lots of belts.

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