Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm having way to much fun...

So I've been back at school for a week now, and its already been crazy. I managed to miss the last train home from grand central last week, and was stranded in Manhattan, till 5 in the morning. My friends and I ended up just hanging out at McDonald's in time square watching fist fights break out while the police stood there and did nothing, eating expensive pizza, getting my friend's palm read, and eventually passing out on the sidewalk at grand central waiting for it to open.
My work is slowly beginning to pile up, which for right now is a great thing! I've got t-shirts to design and print for the purchase dance conservatory, album art for a friend's band back home, paintings and prints to be made, Wyldlife is starting to get shows (were play the CMJ festival!! so stoked, I'll write more about it later) and Alex, Manuel,Ephraim, and I have begun planning our next art exhibition. Heres a clue as to what it will involve:

This past weekend was a load fun catching up with friends, going to barbecues, and hearing some good live music. I went to a show on Sunday with a ton of great purchase bands, including: the Shakes, Elemeno, Zona Mexicana, my boy Nick Corbo, and Space Ghost Cowboys(it was their cd release show.) Their CD is amazing by the way, check them out on myspace.
I swear that I go to the coolest school in the world.

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