Sunday, September 27, 2009

This day, the only one that matters

This weekend I headed down to the Joshua Liner gallery to see the show "The Last Thousand Years" by Evan Hecox. I've been a huge fan of Evan's ever since I started riding skateboards that he designed back in middle school. It was so cool to see his work in real life. I also picked up his book "Urban Abstract," which is amazing as well, the people at Joshua Liner were real cool, and hooked me up with a signed copy. If you have the chance I highly reccomend you check this show out, the gallery is located on 548 west 28th street in New York City.

We also saw a show featuring the paintings and photos of the actor Dennis Hopper. I never realized how talented the guy was.

Then we headed over to the Jonathan Levine gallery on 20th to see the DFace show. Probably one of the coolest installations I've ever seen. I love all the colors he uses.
All in all it was a great weekend. I got to play a block party with my band Wyldlife which was just sooooooo much fun. There is no greater feeling than playing music, especially with your best buds, nothing can possibly compare.
I saw my friend Adam giving really cool sharpie tattoos the other weekend so I asked him to draw rock n roll on my arm. I really dig, think I'll get it done for real.What do you think? check out Adam's blog here:


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