Monday, October 5, 2009

Its been a while since I posted some recent work so I decided to throw some up!

One color screenprint I whipped up the night before our show at Purchase. Edition of 23.

Acrylic on canvas. I haven't thought of a name for this one yet, and I'm not sure if I'm that into it haha.

In my drawing seminar class we've been drawing the letter K. Sounds weird, but its really helping me tackle drawing perspective properly.

I'm really starting to get into collage. Ink, phone book paper, and spray paint on cardboard.

The first couple of my painting classes, we were messing around with abstraction. Its not something I normally do, but it was alot of fun to just let go and experiment.

I just finished designing and printing the shirts for the Dance conservatory. If you want one email Addison Reese at , but hurry because they're going fast!

I've really been kicking myself for not bringing my camera along with me on my travels. This weekend Wyldlife played an acoustic set at the Balance hair salon in Jersey City. Our singer Dave works as the receptionist there and it was just a really cool place with alot of cool people. The best part was we got free haircuts after our set! If your in Jersey and need a haircut I recommend you hit them up.
Later that evening we went to edge of the Hudson River and got to see the Manhattan skyline from New Jersey. It was breathtaking. I'm so pissed I didn't have my camera.
After the Hudson we ended playing a show on top of a mini ramp in this old warehouse. It was seriously one of the coolest shows I've ever played. We set up on top of the ramp and were just rocking out while people were skating all around us. I almost got hit in the head with a stray board haha.

I've been working hard with the dream team (Alex, Manuel, and Ephraim) tryin to get the Purchase Fall fest shirts printed. I'm really stoked with how theyre coming out. I'll post some photos soon!

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