Friday, October 23, 2009

You can't fall in love with potential.

So the Social D concert was quite an experience. The bus ride was pretty damn long, but I slept most of the way, so it wasn't a big deal.
Atlantic City was a trip for sure. We were dropped off at the Show Boat casino, which if I recall correctly, you can win a trip there if you are the winner of a show case on the Price is Right. I had never been to a casino before, so it was quite an eye opening experience. I'm only 20 so I couldn't gamble, but I'm sure that is for the better. There seemed to be a lot more losers than winners, people who looked really down and out, passing out on random couches and chairs. It was pretty depressing.
The show itself was crazy. What I learned is that Social D's demographic is basically really tough looking middle aged white dudes. During the show about 5 fights broke out right next to me. It was ridiculous. Everyone seemed to be on edge, but this didn't prevent me from having a good time. Even after 30 years those guys can still rock, and they put on a great show. Mike Ness even gave me a shout out because I guessed the name to their song "Bakersfield" that was soooo damn cool. I can finally check seeing my favorite band off my list of things I've done.
The ride back was intense, we arrived at the Port Authority bus station in New York city at about 3:30 am and were stuck there till 4:45am. If you want to see some sketchy people I recommend you go there at 4 in the morning. Lots of interesting folks.
All in all it was a great adventure, just like I had thought it would be.

"King for a Day" silkscreen on autographed photo.
Over the summer I found this framed 8.5x11 autographed photo of David Copperfield at a thrift store. I silkscreened the burger king crown on his head. I've been really interested in working on top of paintings, photos, and random things I come across, and this is a little exploration in that direction.


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