Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Having some fun with Christmas lights!

My latest print "A Brush with Death" 22in by 30in,3 color screen print on stonehenge paper...

Speaking of Prints come see mine and my peers work at the Junior Print show in the Art+Design Building room 1019, March 1st- 7th.
The Reception is on March 3rd at 5:30, and there will be boat loads of free food, and even more boat loads of cool people, I hope to see you there!

Recently my musical diet has been made up almost strictly of the Ramones and Black Sabbath. Two of the most important Rock n Roll bands EVER. On March 20th there is going to be a cover band show and Wyldlife is going to be playing as the Ramones! I'm so stoked on the fact that I get to be one of my heroes, Dee Dee Ramone for a night! Its going to be a reallllllly great show. I let you know more info as it comes.

I've been working on a 4.5ft by 4.5ft woodcut, and I want it to look, like Black Sabbath sounds. I don't know if its even possible, but I like the challenge of trying to visually portray Tony Iommi's burning guitar, Geezer Butler's thundering bass lines, Bill Ward's fierce drumming, and Ozzy's biting vocals.


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Hi, Spencer Alexander!

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