Sunday, February 7, 2010

I watch the sparrows dive...

I'm taking a class right now called art of the book. We basically learn how to make different book structures, and then get to mess around with them and make our own. This assignment was to take an already made book and alter it. I collect alot of strange books so I was really into this project. The book itself is a wedding scrapbook, that I found in my closet. My parents must have bought it a long time ago, or someone gave it to them, and they never put anything in it, so I thought it would make a nice setting for some collages. Here's a few of the pages.

My friends at Shack Attack Records asked me to design the album art for their next release which is the Drop Records, Not Bombs Compilation. Each one is hand printed in an edition of 98. The compilation features alot of really talented Purchase musicians, and even has an unreleased track from my band Wyldlife! You can buy one soon at this website:
or you can download this disc for free here:
Keep in mind if you buy an actual copy, all proceeds will go to Wide Horizons For Children which is a charity that helps impoverished communities all around the world, so you get some good music (and art), while helping a great cause!
There will be an album release party this Friday, February 12th at 7:45pm in the SUNY Purchase Co-Op, alot of really great bands will be playing, including my own, so come check it out!

Another art of the book was to make these weird accordion style books. I cut up some Chinese menus I've been collecting and drew on them with a pen. Here's a few pages:

I've been working on this pretty big (4ft by 2ft) reduction woodcut. I've got one more color to go and it will be done, so check back soon for some more pics!

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