Thursday, June 4, 2009

For the past week I've been livin the dream. Crashing on peoples couches, waking up in the afternoon, and playing some cool shows. We've packed all our gear and living supplies into the back of Jon's parents 1996 chevy gladiator van, and have been jumping around all over New York and New Jersey. The shows have been interesting. last week we played a double header in brooklyn, and then at a bar in Nyack. On the way to the Nyack show we witnessed a guy in shorts and a rangers jersey rollerblading up the shoulder of the highway into oncoming traffic haha.
The other night we played a show at the Annex down on Orchard street in New York city, to a total of nine people haha. Its tough getting people to come to our shows, when nobody knows our music, but its something we've come to terms with. But we were still out on the street hustlin, handing out flyers and trying to convince people to show up. I recently saw the documentary The Future is Unwritten, which was about Joe Strummer's music career, after the Clash. In one scene he was out on the street doing exactly what I was, passing out flyers trying to get people to his show! Even Joe Strummer the lead singer for the Clash was out hustling! Thats inspiring.
Spencil has made some appearances, putting up some tags. What up Brooklyn? What up Nyack? What up Harrison? haha

Well anyways we finally got our CD pressed and tee shirts printed, so we'll have some merch to sell at our shows(you can also purchase the CD on itunes as well). Tomorrow were off to Philadelphia to play a show at the Fire, followed by shows at the Loft and the RS Club. Hope to see you soon.


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