Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So we said our goodbyes to Philadelphia, which was sad, the people there were really great. One kind young gentleman liked my stencil so much that he asked me to spray paint it on his back haha. Then we headed to Woodland, to play the RS Club, or the Roosevelt Social Club to play a rock festival, which turned out to be a complete joke. It was 12 bucks to get in and there was nobody there. I don't understand why people throw such expensive shows, and expect people to show up for bands they've never heard of. We actually got kicked out after we refused to pay for our merch girl Dora to get in, total BS! After that we were all pretty pissed and drained from not eating (the bouncer wouldn't let us cook chicken in the parking lot, because it was going to get him in trouble haha)so we headed to WaWa, which we have developed a new found love for. If you've never been to WaWa its the most convenient of all convenience stores, and they're located all over the south.
We made our way down south headed for North Carolina through Delaware and Maryland and finally ended up in Richmond, Virginia. Our good friend MaryPage lives in Richmond and her family kindly let us into their home and gave us a place to stay for the night, and loads of food. Thanks to the Nance family! The next day she showed us around, and brought us to the James river which was really beautiful. Dave,Sam, and I got to ride in the back of her pickup truck, and we felt like real southern boys haha.
Yesterday, we headed to North Carolina, to play the Pour House. On the way we stopped at a Burger King and the cashier asked us if we were famous. We told her "uh... no, but we are band on tour", and she immediately asked for our autographs. We gave her a signed poster. It made me feel like a real rockstar haha. After arriving in Raliegh we walked around trying to promote ourselves, but there was pretty much no one out on the streets, it was dead. Raliegh on Monday nights= not cool. As usual there weren't very many people in the audience, five people and the other band, but it was a cool venue and we had fun with it. A pop punk band called a Kid Named Thompson played after us and Dave and I went sick moshing, I've got a nice purple bruise from Dangerous Dave. Thanks bud! After that we hung out at the bar and chaos insued, as we wreaked havoc on downtown Raliegh, on the humid summer night. It was the bartender's birthday and he continued to give us beer after beer after beer for free. Spencil threw up a tag on the side of the Pour House. We met two nice girls who were in town to see No Doubt, and they let us stay in their hotel room, which was in the lovely/expensive, Raliegh Marriot. I woke up the next morning looking into the beautiful eyes of our guitarist Sam Allen.
We woke up, and headed back to Richmond. We stopped at Kinkos to make some flyers for tonight's show, and Dave went for a little skate session on the Bank of America 7 stair. We were soon kicked out by a security guard, and told to leave the premises. We walked down the block and Dave skated this parking garage. The security guard soon returned as Dave was trying to bonelesses off the wall. A verbal argument ensued and ended with Dave screaming "what do you own this whole block?" As soon as we got back into town we ran into a flash flood, and the streets were just one giant pool of water. We played tonight at the Camel with some band from Florida. There was no one there to see us. The other band left after their set, so not a single person was in the audience. But we rocked it anyways! There was one guy over at the bar watching the Lakers game, so during my bass solo on "Guardian Angels" I walked as far as my cable would go over to the bar, got on a table and rocked for the bartender and her patron. After the show we met up with some of Mary-Page's friends who were all really cool, and welcoming. Spencil finally left his mark on Virgina as well. Right now I'm back at MP's house for the night. Tomorrow were embarking on a long 10 hour drive to Nashville, Tennessee.
I've been tryin all day to put photos up, but its not working for me! Sorry I'm going to keep trying.
So you may be asking yourself how are the other guys from Wyldlife doing? Well heres a quick summary of the guys:
Dangerous Dave, has taken up the alter ego Juan Long the crested dragon, and is now acting like and 80's action hero. He still has a deep fear of sharks and giant squid.
GScott Corey has been rambling incoherently, while laughing like an old man. He has adopted the nickname Grandpa Wegman, and is rarely seen without a Black& Mild cigar.
Jon Rick, is has been the rock of this whole trip. He has been planning all the dates, and driving us from show to show. We now call him dad.
Sam Allen completely lost his mind today. He was sitting in the van talking about how he is done living the rock n roll lifestyle, while screaming at people as they run down the street, trying to stay out of the pouring rain.

See you in Nashville!


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