Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rise and shine all you gold digger mothers, are you too good to tangle with the poor poor boys?

Its 3 in the morning and I have no desire to sleep, so I thought I should blog. As it turns out the Gladiator van is not finished being fixed so we unfortunately had to cancel our show in Kentucky! Lame! But what can we do. So we just hung out in Nashville and helped Kirby with the studio. Today was Dave's 20th birthday, so we tried to show him a good time. As soon as 12 struck we started partying. The night ended with me arm wrestling this dude Brian who is an intern here at the studio. He killed me with the right, but I owned him with the left, in true Spencer Alexander style. I later found out that he arm wrestled his roommate a week earlier and ended up snapping his arm in half! Damn!
When we awoke sometime in the late afternoon we lazily started off the day. Sam and I jammed to some jazz, and I eventually made my way to the studio to help Kirby. I was installing some floor panels with a nail gun, and it totally sucked. The humid Tennessee air was getting to me, and I don't think I've ever sweated so much in my life.
After working we went to celebrate at the restaurant of Dave's choice, Sonic. The food was good as usual, and at the drive there was some lady with a parrot hanging out of her car. It said "hi how are you?" in the most eerie voice, it was totally bizarre. when we got back we watched Crank, and I drew a portrait of our purchase mascot Heath the deer, in the studio refrigerator. Shout out to all my boys and girls from Purchase, K-14 especially! Miss you all!
Tomorrow were leaving for Ohio to crash at Jon's brother's house for a little, and then we've got our last two shows in upstate New York.

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