Saturday, June 6, 2009

So we've landed in the city of brotherly love,Philadelphia, and it has indeed lived up to its name. We played at the Fire last night, which as usual didn't bring too many people. One drunk guy came out from the bar and started yelling about how were from New York, and how the Mets suck, and the Phillies rule haha. He gave us a dollar to stop playing, but of course we didn't. I got to venture around the old city, as the "locals" call it and pass out some flyers, getting a chance to explore the amazing architecture. I felt like I was in a different time period.

Today we got to be tourists and explore Philly.We went to Abner's and got our very first authentic Philly Cheesesteaks. On this tour I want to take advantage of every city and what it has to offer. Our eating situation has been interesting to say the least. One day we will be living off of pasta, the next we'll be at a barbeque stuffing hamburgers, bratwursts, and ice cream down our throats. We never are really sure what our eating situation is going to be like.
After the cheesteaks we headed over to the center for contemporary art which featured a really cool exhibit on the jazz musician Sun-Ra. Sun-Ra was a composer who claimed to be from the planet Saturn, and stated that he was a God. His music is as far out and trippy as he was, if your looking for some really interesting jazz I highly recommend you check him out, and if you vist Philly check out the show. Tonight we played a show in Dave's friend's basement which has been the most fun show of the tour. People were going crazy dancing, and they really seemed to dig our music. It was a ton of fun and I can only hope the rest of our shows are this great. Tomorrow were headed to Woodland, Pennsylvania, to play a rock festival. Its a festival so hopefully we'll get a good crowd. Hopefully. After were done were immediately headed to North Carolina, for a show the next day.
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J Hitchings said...

hey spence - this is jen hitchings. i'd love to know if you guys are ever playing in the norther nj area this summer, i need some shows to go to! and philly is quite the place.