Thursday, June 11, 2009

We ain't pretty, and we ain't rich...

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We woke up yesterday afternoon, said our goodbyes to Virginia, and started our trek to Nashville, Tennessee. It was the longest car ride of my life. We sang lots of Rolling Stones, and CCR along the way. Luckily we also have the entire Planet Earth DVD set to keep us entertained. That movie is amazing.
You may be wondering how is Wyldlife staying fit while on tour? While we are consuming lots of fast food, we have developed our very own Wyldlife work out routine. The way it works is, you first consume all of your food, and as soon as you have finished you get on the ground and do as many pushups/sit-ups as you possibly can. Thats it. Give it a try!
We finally arrived at the house that our friend Kirby has been staying at/working on. Its going to be a huge recording studio, and we get to stay in it for a next few days. Its got a huge pool, beds for each one of us, Italian leather couches, and instruments everywhere you look. Kirby also told us that a huge four foot snake has been lurking around the house, which does not make me very comfortable, due to my phobia of snakes. Tonight we are playing at the Muse at 7. It should be pretty cool, because Nashville is bumping right now, with the likes of Bonnaroo, and the CMA festival happening. SEE YA!

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